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RCGO Weekly Email 3/4/21: RCGO – #WhatTheGun


Together We Will Win!
But We Can’t Do It Without You!
#WhatTheGun Resource is now live and up on our website!
So what exactly is #whatthegun? It’s RCGO’s ongoing project to connect new firearms owners/shooters to the appropriate training they need (and deserve!) to be safe, responsible gun owners. We will continue to add and update this information so make sure to check back frequently. If you or anyone you know needs access to basic gun safety and handling training, please forward and share this link with them: #WHATTHEGUN
If you are a trainer and provide these services, please contact us at info@riversidecountygunowners.com to get your company on the list!
#NotMeRC is Coming SOON!
Riverside County Gun Owners is hard at work preparing for the launch of the Women’s Program #NotMeRC. The program is RCGO’s initiative to stop sexual assault and end domestic violence. The sad reality is that the prevalence of these crimes is increasing. As part of our effort to end this crisis, RCGO is providing assistance for any woman who owns or would like to own a firearm, seeks training, and/or would like to apply for a CCW (Conceal Carry Weapons Permit).
If you or anyone you know is interested in participating or getting involved with helping others, please contact info@riversidecountygunowners.com.
Cover Your ASP Week is Coming Up – GET YOUR TICKETS NOW!
Learn & Train with John Correia from Active Self Protection.
For the first time ever, Gun Owners Radio is excited to invite you to a week filled with fun, education, and training lead by self-defense expert John Correia! Events for everyone including prospective gun owners, experienced gun owners, friends, and family. Hurry and get your tickets before early bird pricing goes away! 
*Members check your last email from us – you were sent a special discount code!
Gun Owners Radio
On this week’s episode of Gun Owners Radio Morgan Ballis of Defensive Tactics and Firearms joins the show to talk about school & church safety (learn about the real facts around active shooter events), the realities of a legal battle surrounding a Mendocino County resident’s rifle being unjustly confiscated, Joe Drammissi on the left’s newest tool to take away American’s 1st & 2nd amendment rights, and more!
Want to Win Some Training?
GREAT NEWS FOR RCGO FOLLOWERS! Since our last new member promotion was such a hit, we’ve decided to make this a monthly occurrence in 2021!
**CONGRATULATIONS btw to our recent winners who have all been contacted! **
Every NEW member who signs up will be entered to win their choice of one of 3 trainings offered by our friends at Defensive Tactics & Firearms! We will draw one winner a month, at the end of the month so if you have not joined us yet, or know someone who is still thinking about joining make sure to share this message with them. Memberships start as little as $10/month or $100 a year.
We Need More Volunteers!
Help us talk to your fellow Riverside county residents about the importance of them becoming members of RCGO and how we are the ONLY local 2A political action committee dedicated to fighting to preserve our precious 2A rights.
Every shift you volunteer for equals one entry into our quarterly drawing to win an amazing Front Sight Commander Membership! Sign Up HERE
On the Blog: Playing the Public Health Crisis Card – A New Way to Disarm Americans
The left has discovered a new weapon on their war on America: The Public Health Crisis. Learning from the COVID-19 experience, left wing Democrats have discovered that virtually anything can be done in the name of a “public health crisis”. There is little regard for the Constitution... Read the Blog HERE
March Calendar Now Published
Never miss a monthly meeting, CCW seminar, Radio Show, and/or more. Our March Calendar has been published and can be found on our website for easy reference. We even have links to our online meetings and by clicking on the event, you will be taken directly to the meeting room! Watch any of our online meetings via Zoom or Facebook.
We Need You On Our Side
Help us and join the fight to preserve your 2A rights here in Riverside County! For as little as $10 a month, your donation to become a member will help us support local 2A candidates for office.
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