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SBCGO Weekly Email 3/7/20: We Won in San Bernardino County Elections!


Together, We Will Win!
If you’re fed up with just hearing about another anti gun bill being passed, take action and get engaged. This
Workshop will teach you how to be an effective Second Amendment Activist and make a difference in California and local rights.
Note that this seminar is not for everyone, if you’re happy with the gun laws, you do not need this seminar.
We will provide lunch and there’s a small charge to cover the lunch cost of $18.75. Meeting location will be announced soon, but it will be in the San Bernardino/Riverside 215 corridor
We Won in San Bernardino Election
Together, We
Will Win
Won!! There’s still a few votes to count, but it looks like all of our endorsed candidates did great! Paul Cook (County Supervisor District 1) and Dawn Rowe (County Supervisor District 3) got the votes they needed to win the Primary (they don’t have to compete in the General Election). Jesse Amendarez (County Supervisor District 5) and Henry Nickel (San Bernardino City Council Ward 5) won enough votes to get them to the General Election!
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