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RCGO Weekly Email 1/14/20: Don’t Be Fooled! This is Not Exactly Good News.

Don’t Be Fooled! This is Not Exactly Good News.
$298 Off? Why Isn’t This Good News?
This is an example of government having to solve a problem they created. The CCW process in the cities (like Riverside) have two major problems (compared to getting your CCW through Riverside County Sheriff):
1) They are far more expensive (even after the $298 discount)
2) They require a “psych review”
There is no state requirement to have a “psych review” and the required analysis is a personality test similar to what they give to police officer candidates before they are hired.
There is no requirement that you have the same personality as a police officer in order to protect yourself outside your home. These psych tests put an unnecessary financial burden on CCW applicants and don’t do anything to stop crime. The state required background check already checks to see if you have ever been committed or deemed a danger to yourself or others.
Riverside County Gun Owners recommends that you do NOT get your CCW through any of the cities; instead, go through the sheriff’s department now that Sheriff Bianco has fixed the problems with the CCW process left over from the previous administration.
We’ll teach you. We’ll do it for free. And we will even buy pizza!
January Monthly Meeting and CCW Seminar!
This is a meeting for Second Amendment activists, people who want to know more about Riverside County Gun Owners, and people who want to know how to get their CCW. We will talk about the status of sanctuary counties/cities across the nation and locally.  
We will start with a short meeting with some general information.
Then have a CCW seminar (about 1 1/2 hours) taught by Shane from
Defensive Tactics and Firearms
Details below and you can
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How Is Your City Council Member on The Second Amendment?
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