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RCGO Weekly Email 12/05/19: Second Amendment Riverside: What’s Happening?

Big News!
Second Amendment Christmas Party!
Join us for our first annual Christmas Party event with out Second Amendment people just like you.
Check on the invite below for details or
for the Facebook event. Be sure to invite your friends!
Will we see you there?
2020 is a big election year and we need your help!
Together, We Will Win!
Blog Article:
Sweet Virginia Under Siege by Anti-Gun Forces – Citizens Fight Back
Funded by multimillionaire leftists, anti-gun forces have swept the elections and seized control of the Commonwealth of Virginia. Michael Bloomberg and others poured an inordinate amount of money into the Virginia elections and …[.]
Get Your California CCW Yet?
Here’s how.
Who Is Riverside County Gun Owners?
Riverside County Gun Owners (RCGO) is a political organization that focuses on Second Amendment rights within Riverside County. RCGO was formed because there is an aggressive and successful effort to significantly limit or eliminate the ownership and use of firearms and the firearms industry in California at the municipal, county, and state level through legislation and regulation. RCGO’s solution is a local volunteer group that does four things all intended to get the right people elected on local Riverside County councils and boards:
  • Second Amendment Advocacy at the city/county level 
  • Second Amendment Community Organizing
  • Political Fundraising to Support Candidates
  • Working with the local gun industry on the first 3
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