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RCGO Weekly Email 7/28/20: Considering joining RCGO? Now is the time!

Together We Will Win!
But We Can’t Do It Without You!
Considering Joining RCGO?
Join our organization, be entered into our raffle!
We are running a special “Join Now” 1 year anniversary giveaway raffle. Anyone who joins RCGO from July 1-August 16th will be entered to win some AWESOME prizes including CCW Qualification Trainings, Turner’s Gift Cards, and MORE!!
If you’ve been on the fence about joining our organization, now is the time. Help us and join the fight to preserve your 2A rights here in Riverside County! For as little as $10 a month, your donation to become a member will help us support local 2A candidates for office.
Virtual CCW Seminar
Learn how to get your CCW in Riverside county. Join us for a virtual CCW seminar on
Wednesday July 29th at 7pm
. Get tips on how to write your good cause statement, find out about the process and more.
Zoom ID: 851-5266-8144
Miss July’s Monthly Meeting?
Check out the replay here:
Facebook Live Replay
to get all the updates
CCW Lifestyle Series #9: Suggested Reading for Concealed Carriers
As more people embrace the concealed carry lifestyle, the importance of training and education becomes increasingly obvious. Ironically, the training and education directly related to the firearm is probably the easiest to obtain. But just as important are all the other things that a legally armed citizen needs to know to stay safe

The primary goal of an armed citizen should be to avoid being in a situation…..

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Updates from the Sheriff
If you didn’t join us during our 1-year anniversary meeting special, you missed out on some great content! Not only did the Sheriff answer important questions, share current CCW updates, but he was a great sport and participated in a fun little trivia game against one of RCGO’s Board Members, Instructor Shane. So in addition to lots of great info, there were also some fun laughs! You can check out a replay of the live zoom meeting on our Facebook page:


Calling all Firearms Trainers: Do you offer First-Time Gun Owner Training?
Help us help YOU!
The number of new gun owners continues to rise amidst current events. Millions of people have purchased their first guns and need training. We are putting together a Training Directory for first time gun owners. Please send the following info to be listed on our website:
  • Shop Name
  • Address
  • Phone
  • Website
  • Beginner’s Class Name
  • Class Description
  • Price
  • Instructor Name
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