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Education and outreach have been a part of who Inland Empire Gun Owners is from the very beginning.   Our diverse group of volunteers work to expand the shooting sport community and educate the public. Join us on Saturday April 1st for our Spring Shooting Social and BBQ!

This is not a "New Shooter" event, but it is open to all.  For this event if you have any extra sets of eye and ear protection please bring to share as Rainbow Range does not have any to rent or use, just in case we have any visitors or new shooters.

Members: If you have one PLEASE WEAR YOUR IEGO SHIRT!

We will have a Pistol Competiton and BBQ Hot Dogs and Hamburgers for lunch.

Spring BBQ IE Shooting Social 040123Rev2 RSVP for our "SHOOTING SOCIAL" NOW!

Here is what IEGO can offer:

For Advanced Shooters

  1. Safety briefing
  2. Range rental
  3. 2 targets

For New Shooters we also include:

  1. Gun(s) to learn with
  2. 2 targets
  3. Eye and Ear protection
  4. One-on-one mentoring with an experienced volunteer


A:  It is an event to introduce people to the shooting sports. For all new gun owners, we offer help, expertise, and resources. We want you to be successful and understand the decision you made to protect yourself and your loved ones. We are here for you. We offer time for the more advanced shooter to work with our organizer (Instructor Shane) on technical shooting drills to increase knowledge and education.

A:  Anyone who is legally permitted to possess a firearm may participate in these events.

A:  Mentors are the volunteers who work with you, one-on-one, during these events.  Mentors come from all backgrounds.  They are experienced shooters who will show you how to shoot their personal firearm(s).

A:  Yes, but please follow all local laws regarding the transport of firearms.  Firearms should be brought to the range in a locked container, unloaded, and separate from ammunition.

A:  No.  Most of our participants have never shot a gun.  Those with experience have always said they picked up some great tips from our mentors.

A:  Yes.  The minimum age is generally 9 years-old.  Different ranges have different age and height requirements.  This question is best answered on a case by case basis. Contact info@iegunowners.org for more information.

A:  Aside from closed heel and closed toe shoes, there are no other requirements.  Although it is best to avoid shirts with low neck lines.

A:  Everything you need to participate in this event is covered by your fee. You will get a safety briefing from experienced range staff, and a mentor who will stay with you throughout the whole shooting process.

Want more information or would you like to set up a Shooting Social and need help?
Email us at karla@iegunowners.org for help and more information.