CBS8: New legislation would ban gun shows on all state-owned fairgrounds

“There is zero proof that these gun shows are a hotbed of straw purchases,” said Michael Schwartz, executive director of San Diego County Gun Owners PAC.

“All the same laws and regulations apply at a gun show that apply anywhere else, including a gun store,” said Schwartz. “There’s absolutely no reason to believe that there’s any more illegal activity, there’s certainly no dangerous activity, that goes on at a gun show.”

Schwartz also said that if this proposed ban does pass, it will be challenged in court.

“This is a Second Amendment violation, but it’s also a First Amendment violation,” he told CBS 8. “The government’s role is supposed to protect the rights of the minority, and gun owners are certainly a minority here in California, and giving them a place to exercise their right is the exact role of the government.”