A Time for Questions – Again the Same Shameless, Corrupt People Demand More of Something That Doesn’t Work

Once again, the country is reeling from a tragedy that should never happen but does. I’m not going to write about what happened at a Texas elementary school out of respect for those directly touched by that unimaginable horror. What I will write about is the corrupt, befuddled individual who currently occupies the White House […]

Who is Steve Dettelbach and Why Should You Care?

In the next week or two, the Senate will begin confirmation hearings on the Biden administration’s second nominee to head the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives (ATF). That nominee is Steve Dettelbach. Biden’s first nominee, David Chipman, went down in flames during his confirmation hearing with the Senate. It wasn’t just that Chipman […]

A Ray of Hope for California – SB906 dies in committee. The bill was too much even for California legislators.

Miracle of miracles! The politicians in Sacramento finally produced a bill that was so grotesque that even they could not pass it. We’re referring to SB906, the proposed legislation that would have required parents to disclose information concerning their gun ownership to their children’s school. The bill died in committee last week. I wrote about […]

Parents, Guns, and Schools – SB906 would require parents that own guns to disclose that information to their children’s school administrators. Is it any of their business?

Here’s yet another great, constitutionally sound idea from our wise and good politicians in Sacramento that will certainly increase public safety and decrease crime. SB 906, the school safety: mass casualty threats: firearm disclosure billwould require parents who own guns to disclose what guns they own, how they are stored, and where they are stored […]

The ATF and National Gun Registration – We’re from the government and we’re here to help

It’s recently come to light that the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms, and Explosives (ATF) is maintaining a searchable database of firearm purchase records. Effectively a federal firearms registry. A firearms registry that contains records of over 920 million firearms transactions. A registry that is expressly forbidden by federal law. A registry that is condoned […]

Firearms Safe Storage Laws – Are They Just Attempts at Virtue Signaling or Something Far Worse?

There are people in America who don’t believe in the Constitution. Some disagree with certain sections of the document while others believe the entire Constitution to be antiquated and not relevant to modern society. One part that draws considerable interest is the Second Amendment (2A). Today in America we have a major political party, that […]