An Important Update about your Second Amendment rights in Riverside County

An Important Update about your Second Amendment rights in Riverside County

By Karen Wood, Executive Director Riverside County Gun Owners


Amid the shadows of the current COVID19 crisis are questions surrounding what are considered “essential businesses” and the need for them to remain open. News stations across the globe are reporting non-stop on statistics, shelter in place mandates, social distancing practices, and more.  In addition to this information and important to the local gun community and second amendment activists alike is whether or not officials consider gun stores as part of the list of essential businesses. For us the answer is simple; yes they are.


To that end, we at Riverside County Gun Owners have been vigilantly keeping watch on local decisions that impact our rights, including mandated business closures on gun businesses. We are extremely lucky to have Sheriff Bianco working on our side, as he is a staunch 2A supporter. I reached out to the Sheriff with some questions and he provided definitive answers to the most pressing community safety and Second Amendment questions we have:


  • Gun stores: He will not enforce closure of gun stores in Riverside County.
  • He will not be pre-emptively releasing inmates
  • They are actively processing new Carry Conceal Weapons (CCW) applications and renewals. (I would reference prior communication from Deputy Searles regarding CCW training and Range Qualifications as these may still be delayed due to closure. There are 17 vendors who are certified for Riverside CCW trainings listed on the Sheriff’s website. Please reach out to any of them to obtain information about hours/closures/dates/etc) Sheriff Bianco states that no one should be expired unless they let it become so. They are trying to come up with a temporary extension card if necessary.


If you hear anything about your city having discussions pertaining to any of the issues above, or any other Second Amendment issues, please contact me at I can’t stress enough how fortunate we are to have Sheriff Bianco at the head of our Law Enforcement in Riverside County. If you strongly believe in our rights under the Second Amendment please consider supporting Riverside County Gun Owners by:



All political efforts require people and money and we need both.


Together, we will win!!

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